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  • The Shooting Brake: Books on Guns and Cars

    25 August 2017 -

    The Shooting Brake: Books on Guns and Cars

    One day recently when things were uncustomarily quiet here at BB, so quiet in fact that Pete proposed a sampling of sauterne, we were startled to hear shots across the aspens in the fields beyond the shop.

    Lucky for us the shots -from an early Purdey rifled pistol, complete with magazine, powder, and an engraving of running stags on the butt-plate - had been fired to let us know that some very collectible books were being stashed behind the hedgerows.

    With our urbane van Aldo Moro having recently come-a-cropper in the garrigue, we decided to brave the wilds this time in our off-road vehicle (above), blessing our goggles for the insects and dust, until ultimately we decamped: sorting, grading, calibrating the material in situ. After many trips back and forth over the rufous downs, we managed to ferry the cache back to the store.

    The shooting party was well worthwhile. The books are shining, very collectible editions for the car or gun connoisseur, or indeed for anyone who admires beautiful objects from rich traditions of design, irrespective of their effect on air quality or indeed their original purpose or function. It would be true to say that we have not had such excellent stock - of guns and cars and in countless other sections of the shop - for quite some time. 

    Ah, life at Barwon Booksellers. Always full of risk and adventure.