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  • An Interdependent Bestiary

    23 August 2017 -

    There’s nothing as interesting to read about as animals. They’re way more interesting than, for instance, brown bricks, or the history of superannuation, and much better of course than bad poetry. With their enigmatic emotional and social lives, their laughter and keenings, their remarkable architectures and physical feats, a browse in the bestiary is invariably a lesson in both co-operation and singularity, and also in the way animal history has been entwined with, and indeed often subject to, humanity’s incessant march.

    There is, it should be said, something a tad oxymoronic about ‘going wild’ with a good book about wild animals. However, speaking for myself, I will not be deterred. I would, after all, rather read about a shark than wrestle one. Most of the time I would also rather stay on the porch to comb the pages than to intrude with heavy tread on another’s habitat: the platypus’ hermetic life on the river, the rocky spits of the seabirds, the ruminations of the giraffe amongst high canopies.

    And so, with this acceptance of the separation of species, and likewise the embrace of our inborn interdependence, we thought it was time to interest you in some of the beautiful books on wild animals we have in stock here at BB.